Josephine Pemberton Group

Very broadly, we aim to understand the causes of differences in fitness between individuals and the causes of variation in the distribution of genetic variation in populations. More specific current interests include inbreeding and its consequences, the genetics of parasite resistance and whether and how we might find the loci underlying quantitative trait variation. We work primarily within the long term individual-based studies of Soay sheep on St. Kilda and red deer on Rum for which we recover pedigrees using microsatellite-based parentage inference. A range of projects on other natural populations run within a shared molecular ecology lab.


Group Members

  • Josephine Pemberton (Head of Group)
  • Camillo Berenos (Postdoc)
  • Philip Ellis (Research Technician)
  • Emily Moore (PhD student)
  • Steph Smith (PhD student)
  • Tom Black (PhD student)
  • Katie Stopher (PhD student)
  • Johanna Nielsen (PhD student)

Field Assistants

  • Jill Pilkington (fieldworker on St. Kilda Soay sheep)
  • Martyn Baker (fieldworker on Rum red deer)
  • Ali Donald (fieldworker on Rum red deer)

Previous Members

Dario Beraldi

Helen Senn

Katalin Csillery

Silvia Pérez-Espona

Barbara Craig

Bengt Hansson

Barbara Wimmer

Graeme Swanson

Stuart Thomas

Becky Wilson

Nathalie Charbonnel

Simon Goodman 

Martin Dallimer

Nancy Ockendon

Dave Coltman

Ian Stevenson

Jon Slate

Ashleigh Griffin

Tristan Marshall

Steve Paterson

Judith Smith 

David Bancroft